Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bit of a random update.

I havent really updated with much interesting recently. Thought I'd post, even if it might not necessarily be interesting to you. But hell if it isn't interesting, people probably aren't reading so I don't see why I'm thinking into this too much.

Its starting to feel more like summer now, with the football leagues finished and the weather in the past few days improving insanely. Damn Rangers winning things this season...I don't think they deserved the league this year, but hell, I am biased. Plus Celtic dropped a stupid amount of points. actually...thats nothing to do with Rangers and probably one of the reasons they went on to win the league title. And although I hate to say it, Novo's goal in the cup final today was quite something.

I noticed that I've been overusing commas recently, don't know why... I can't remember the exact "ruling" for when to use commas, semi-colons, colons, dashes and as a result use some in the wrong situation. But OMG...I'm getting stupidly sidetracked again by minutae. I'm pretty sure people won't want to read about my grammatical errors. 

I've finished my Black Mage 8-bit painting, I'll try upload it somewhere to the interwebz at some point soon hopefully. Also been trying to work on a new banner for the blog, the one you see now (Cloud) is the result, but it might get tweaked or changed because I'm not 100% satisfied with it yet.

I've been spending stupid amounts recently on games, I'll give you a roundup of what I bought in the past few months. Some of these I am very pleased with =D I'll also tally up the total price and most likely cry.

Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope Limited Collectors Ed. (X360) £49.99 Preorder from Amazon

Knights in the Nightmare (DS) £39.55 from Ebay (with Atlus Preorder Spoils only available in US) Spoils

Pokemon Platinum (DS) £28 from HMV

Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny (PS2) £11 from Amazon [complete with soundtrack]

Unlimited Saga (PS2) £5.50ish from Ebay [complete with FFX-2 prologue disc]

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP) £12 from Ebay

Riviera (PSP) £18 from Ebay

Total: over £160...

Some of those games are only getting rarer..yeah I'll keep telling myself that. T_T 

Also, I've not paid for Star Ocean yet, as its not shipped: and I think its gone lower than 50 since I placed the preorder, so I only have to pay the lowest price its gone too.

Till next time ;D

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