Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pokemon and Nostalgia.

1Up's RPG blog "The Grind" posted something recently about an upcoming Pokemon Gold/Silver remake project. I don't know if its definite yet, but that would be awesome news. Pokemon GS were really good games in my opinion because they added so much and allowed you to go back to the original world map (Kanto) to do more gyms and extra postgame stuff. Its a pretty good blog, check it out. Here's a link for the post.

Also, Nostalgia will be out in the US sometime September this year apparantely. The game has a really good staff behind it, and could be pretty good. Not much out on it at the moment, just a few screens, but keep an eye on this one if ds rpgs are your thing and/or if you like the steampunk setting. The graphics dont look amazing, but they could be good enough. 3D DS RPGs don't always look amazing, but they can be really good. I really liked FFIII, FFIV. Even simple stuff like Animal Crossing: WW looks really good in my opinion. Actually, the graphics in this game seem pretty good for a DS game.

some Nostalgia screenshots:

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