Thursday, May 7, 2009

Odin Sphere.

I've been playing quite a bit more of Odin Sphere today. I'm in the epilogue of Mercedes' story, Fairy Land. This game is really cool, but can be quite hard at times and some people criticise it as being repetitive, as you basically play through an overlapping timeline for each of the characters, fighting some of the bosses multiple times through the game. Its definitely worth a look though, I like it. At the moment, I'm around 40 hours through, and still have to do 2 character's storylines after this.

Also, thought I'd upload this video to youtube. I love the song!


Anonymous said...

Hokay, that was a little bit weird. o__O I was browsing some forum at random and clicked a link to someone's blog out of curiousity, only to find that said someone was none other than Chris~! So surreal...

Anyway, yeah. I felt it was too freaky not to post. Hope all is well. Also, I still need to play Odin Sphere. It looked so beautiful. And I liked Princess Crown by the same developer, with which it seems to share its side-scrolling gameplay and gorgeous 2-D graphics. ^_^

~ Ed from school

Berserk_Alucard said...

:O That is freaky lol, there is actually a wierd story behind my blog link on the forums. Their forum software is kinda unpredictable at times, and when I updated my signature with the link, it somehow put it into every other member's sig as well...It got some hits for my blog, but I felt bad somehow even though it wasn't my fault...some people lost their pretty sigs.. T_T

Yeah, I've been alright recently thanks, hope you have too!

Odin Sphere is a really cool game, it looks so nice graphically but at times it can be quite difficult, even on the easy difficulty setting. I am kinda stuck on one of the bosses late on... >< It frustrates me at times but I really want to finish it off.