Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I <3 the 80s.

Man, the 80s were an awesome time to grow up. Its funny looking back on those crazy fashions and trends (some of which have come back into fashion..dont ask me why) and thinking of how different life was back then. I still don't understand how sometimes people's hair just "looked" 70s or 80s even without being cut in one of those hilarious styles such as a mullet. 

Video games back in the 80s were a different beast to the ones we have now, we had crazily hard platformers, arcade and sci-fi influenced side scrollers, role playing games based on D&D style rules and premises and loads of other stuff.

Take a look at this link for some hilarity from the 80s and early 90s. Wow, there are some awesomely bad boxes in there and there is 4 pages of the stuff! Its crazy to think they would be thought of as anything close to well-made video game boxes at the time. I'm actually almost left speechless by some of those random geometric shapes, neon-pastel colours, hairstyles and other crap in there. Hilarious, read the link XD. Ninja scooter simulator, Skateboard Joust...man I only vaguely remember the 80s, but man was it fricken GNARLY!

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