Sunday, May 3, 2009

Xbox and the awesomeness of mangos

Went on Xbox Live for some free Halo 3 online as a result of the XTival this weekend. Still one more day, so check it out if you wanna get the privileges you would get with gold for free. It was kinda fun...but theres even more noobs on there than usual. I'm not saying that I'm amazing, but people were leaving games early, standing still, teamkilling, making stupid noises through the voice chat. I heard the thing being played so many times...I mean when those screams are boring into your soul through the gets pretty lame fast. I muted and submitted so many negative player reviews within a few hours, it meant that any appeal Halo usually has was just gets frustrating if people fuck around.

Gah..I'm starting to sound like the guy from that video... >< 

No more FPS for me.

Also, Mangos are a godly fruit. 

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