Friday, May 29, 2009

Geometry Wars Galaxies and stuff.

I've been playing a bit more of this on and off when I need something simple but fun and addictive.

The game is on a few different systems, but I'm playing the DS version. I really like the control system with the D-Pad and stylus at the same time-its quite well done. 

This screen is not from the DS version which has slightly weaker visuals, but still looks nice. 

I think I played too much of this game somehow. The other night I had dreams of a neon wire frame dragon attacking me lol.

I'd definitely recommend the game, even though it doesnt have any storyline its still a game I really like.


I kinda forgot what else I was going to talk about actually..oh, my Black Mage painting is almost done. I'll put that up if I can get it scanned once its done =D

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